PhD students:

  1. Antoine Castagnede (2022-present) is investigating nucleation in colloidal suspensions.
  2. Raphael Maire (2022-present) is studying self-assembly in vibrated granular matter.

  3. Etienne Fayen (2019-2022)
    Thesis title: Quasicrystal self-assembly in 2D hard-sphere mixtures
  4. Susana Marín-Aguilar (2017-2020)
    Thesis title: Local structure and dynamics in high dense colloidal systems: from patchy particles to hard spheres.


  1. Andrea Plati (2022-present) is studying the out-of-equilibrium phase behavior of vibrated granular systems.

Masters and Bachelors students:

  1. Noor ten Veen (MSc student, 2022 - present)
    Self-assembly of colloidal rods in confinement.

  2. Raphael Maire (MSc student, 2022)
    Self-assembly and absorbing states in granular matter.

  3. Matteo Stockinger (MSc student, 2022)
    Study of a phase transition in granular materials.

  4. Rinske Alkemade (MSc student, 2021-2022)
    Machine learning the dynamics of hard-sphere glasses.

  5. Coen Hoogeveen (BSc student, 2021-2022)
    Exploring Four-point Correlation Functions in Glass Formers.

  6. Utku G├╝rel (MSc student, 2021-2021)
    Machine learning the dynamics of hard-sphere glasses.

  7. Marielle Gassner (MSc student, 2021-2021)
    The role of charge fluctuations in colloidal phase behavior.

  8. Duncan de Vos (MSc student, 2020-2021)
    Simulating network dynamics using machine learning.

  9. Paul Moses (BSc student, 2020)
    Extracting the interaction force profile from noisy colloidal trajectories.

  10. Simone Monaco (MSc student, 2020)
    Connecting Structure and dynamics in model network glasses.

  11. Etienne Fayen (MSc student, 2019)
    Exploratory study of self-assembly of binary non-additive hard disks systems: towards quasicrystals.

  12. Nadine de Macedo Biniossek (MSc student, 2017)
    Static structure of active Brownian hard disks.

  13. Alexander Gabriëlse (MSc student, 2017)
    Crystallization of nanoparticles with square-shoulder interactions.

  14. Stefano Canova (MSc student, 2016)
    Curvature-induced pressure dierences in microswimmer suspensions.